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"The standard throw-away air filter or electrostatic filter in your furnace traps only about 15% of the pollutant particles in your home's air. The rest circulates throughout your home.  Our central home air filtration system can capture up to 99% of the pollutant particles that pass through it"


The Reidy family has been serving the Holyoke area since 1945. We service all makes and models of residential and commercial heating and air conditioning units. If you are looking for affordable prices for heating or central air conditioning, we have the quality products that you can depend on. We carry a great selection of gas and oil-fired boilers and furnaces from names like:

Many of our customers have come to love the convenience and cost efficiency of gas and oil boilers and furnaces.

Reidy Heating & Cooling is also your one-stop source for radiant floor heating, energy recovery ventilators by Renew Aire, humidifiers and air cleaning systems by Aprilaire. We carry a full line of duct, ventilation and exhaust systems, handling every aspect of the project for you - from design and layout to installation. Whether it's for a small home or a large restaurant or commercial facility, no job is too small or too large for us.

To keep all of your home heating and air conditioning systems operating at peak energy performance, efficiency and safety, remember to schedule regular maintenance, cleaning and servicing. We offer Maintenance Plans, which provide 24-hour service and discounted rates for members.

Your home comfort systems should be one of your most important investments. With all your other daily worries and concerns, you should not have to come home and find heating and air conditioning issues. That is why we have created this Maintenance Savings Plan as part of joining our Home Comfort Club.

Home Comfort Club Maintenance Savings Plan

Here's what you get as a member...

Contact our office, and we'll give you more information on how your Home Comfort Savings Plan can save you money.


The bitterness of poor quality lasts long after the sweetness of a low price.

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