Why Choose a Professional to Install Air Conditioning?

Reidy Heating & Cooling offers Professional AC Installation In Your Holyoke, MA Home

With numerous how-to television shows and websites out there, people all throughout Holyoke are choosing to tackle home improvement projects on their own nowadays. From wallpapering and painting, to more complex projects like installing new countertops and flooring, do-it-yourselfers everywhere are making changes to their homes without hiring a professional. Should cutting costs and installing AC yourself be one of those DIY changes?

While some projects can be accomplished after watching a few tutorials or reading some books and articles, there are some home improvements that really do require an expert. Installing a cooling system in your Holyoke home is definitely one of them. There are several reasons why you should consult a professional like Reidy Heating & Cooling when it comes to your home comfort system.

Five Reasons You Need an HVAC Pro When Installing Cooling in Your Holyoke Home

For many people, the reason they choose to tackle projects on their own is to save some money. And while that works with some areas, HVAC isn’t one. Some worry about the cost of installing air conditioning, but it can be far more expensive in the long run to install AC improperly. Your home’s cooling system is pretty complex, and one that requires professional service. Here are a few reasons why hiring a pro is to your benefit:

  1. Air conditioners are mechanical equipment. AC units have motors, fans, blades, electrical components and intricate wiring. To fully understand what’s required to properly service them, advanced training is required. Reputable air conditioning technicians have generally attended trade school, receive ongoing training, and serve apprenticeships before being considered masters at their craft.
  2. Your home’s HVAC system is complex. A lot goes into the proper function of the comfort system in your Holyoke home. In our region, people rely on both heating and cooling to stay comfortable, and most people have systems that work somewhat in tandem. Making sure that your entire HVAC system is working in harmony isn’t simple, which is why you need a professional to keep it operating properly.
  3. Home comfort professionals are specially trained. As mentioned above, home comfort technicians are educated in the field of HVAC and understand the inner workings of your equipment, much like your mechanic knows your vehicle. Most technicians are continually learning more, as technology advances and new equipment types enter the market. Many are also factory-trained on the brands their company installs.
  4. Sizing of your system is important. You might not be aware of this – many people aren’t – but generally speaking, air conditioners are not a one-size-fits-all type of equipment. Every home is unique, as are the needs of the people living in it. Sizing your equipment properly is important, because it helps the equipment last longer and offers better energy efficiency.
  5. Cooling equipment requires ongoing service. The air conditioning system in your Holyoke home isn’t just “set it and forget it.” In order to ensure that it works properly now and for years to come, and provides you with the best energy efficiency possible, getting yearly maintenance from a professional is necessary. (Hint: many equipment manufacturers require annual service in order to keep your warranty intact, too.)

Don’t DIY! Call Reidy when you need cooling for your Holyoke home.

At Reidy Heating & Cooling, it’s always our priority to help you get the air conditioning you need, so you and your family can stay cool and comfortable all summer long. We understand that air conditioning for your Holyoke home can be costly, which is why we provide you with the durable, high-quality equipment, installed for you by expert technicians. We proudly offer central air conditioning and ductless cooling, as well as complete AC maintenance and repair. So don’t do it yourself – count on Reidy to help! Just give us a call at (413) 534-3749 and we’ll be happy to assist you.