Does my Air Conditioner need Maintenance?

Why Get Maintenance for the AC System in Your Northampton Home?

Nothing is better than relaxing in a cool house on a sweltering day. You and your family rely on the air conditioning system in your Northampton home to help you weather those soaring temperatures. It works hard for you, keeping your home a cool haven from the summer heat. So you owe it to your AC to give it the TLC it deserves, by choosing annual maintenance to keep it running properly.

Annual maintenance is one of the single best ways you can ensure that your cooling system will operate at its best efficiency and will last for years to come. At Reidy Heating & Cooling, our skilled technicians can give your system the loving care it needs, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the air conditioner in your Northampton home for a long time. But what happens to an AC system that causes it to require maintenance, anyway?

Maintaining your Northampton home’s air conditioning system is important for these five reasons.

The cooling system in your Northampton home can get dirty over time. Buildup in the system can cause problems with a number of components, but when you get maintenance for your system, you won’t have to worry about it! That’s because maintenance helps take care of those issues, which helps your system run more effectively and efficiently. Here are some of the ways AC maintenance can benefit your system:

Keeping condensate drains clog-free. Over time, condensate drains in your system can accumulate dirt and debris. That can cause inefficiency, and too much humidity in your home. When you get preventive maintenance, your technician will check the drain for clogs, and clear them if there’s a buildup.

Straightening out fins. The evaporator and condenser coils in an AC system have aluminum fins, which, unfortunately, can bend easily. That obstructs the airflow in your system, making it work harder. Using a special tool, your tech will straighten the fins back out, helping the air flow freely once more.

Replacing dirty filters. It seems hard to believe that something as simple as an air filter can keep your system running better, but it’s true. When you regularly replace the dirty, gunky filters in your AC system with fresh, clean ones, the air will flow freely, letting your system operate more easily and efficiently.

Maintaining your warranty. Most people don’t read all the fine print when it comes to manufacturer warranties. But with home cooling equipment, the manufacturer often requires routine maintenance in order to keep the warranty intact – and that can save you money down the road if your system needs costly repairs.

Keeping coils clean. Your air conditioning system can collect a buildup of dirt and debris over time, and like it’s important to change your filters, it’s also important to keep the coils clean. Annual maintenance ensures your technician will check your coils on a yearly basis, and clean them as is necessary.

Get the cooling maintenance you need for your Northampton home by calling Reidy.

Call Reidy Heating & Cooling to help when you need air conditioner maintenance for your Northampton home. Our expert technicians will provide you with the maintenance you need to keep your system running properly and efficiently. And, we’re also pleased to offer the best air conditioning installation and repair too. No matter what your cooling needs, you can trust Reidy to help. Just give us a call at (413) 534-3749 and we’ll be happy to assist you.